August 2008

August 2, 2008: First big fire!!!

This oven is "white-hot", which is what happens when it gets so hot, the soot inside burns off and exposes the white fire brick. You can see the firebrick clearly deep inside the oven. 

Aaaaaah... fire!!

Yep, that's 1012 degrees in that oven. I am using a laser thermometer to take a temp reading of the top bricks inside the ceiling arches. At this temp, the pizza is cooked in about 45 seconds. 

This is what the final result looks like, after a few coats of white stucco, some decorative tiles that I embedded in the stucco, and white doors that I fabricated out of some plywood. There's an identical storage doors like that on the back end of the oven, and I keep various oven tools in there as well as some firewood.